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Olevator - Las Vegas - Nevada - Remote

UX Consultant

March 2023 <> Present

Helping startups to focus much more on user experience, to simplify and improve the quality of their products or services, to select the right technologies because design is also how it works. Some clients:,

For MacWeb, I made the new website, the new branding, defined the new strategy, built a stronger team. The sales went up 50% in 2023. I’m now focusing on building more innovative cloud services optimized for developers and enterprise companies. New skills on ML, AI, AI Agents and SwiftUI that I'm actively learning.

Auctane - Las Vegas - Nevada - Remote

Senior Product Designer - Las Vegas - Nevada - Remote

September 2022 <> February 2023

I worked during six months for Auctane.The SAAS apps serve businesses of all sizes with their mailing, shipping, and logistics needs.

For the first two months, I was helping the design team to bring ShipStation bulk experience to PayPal users using ShipEngine Elements technology. We delivered a modern, innovative user experience in time for the holidays season. Later, I was working on ShipStation product where I helped to deliver an improved on-boarding experience, new order sync and 3PL settings. Contract from Austin Fraser staffing agency. After this experience, I decided to focus on consulting.

You can check my work for ShipEngine and Paypal

TheoremOne - Boise - Idhao - Remote

Design Consultant

June 2022 <> September 2022

I worked as a product designer, design consultant for two projects at AT&T. One related to CDO internal social network and one related to SIFT: an AI, machine learning tool. I got congratulations from one customer for the quality of my work above expectations. My design was also the preferred one on multiple iterations from the design team. I was part of Digital Product Innovation group.

NOTE: I was laid off because of the economic situation, the lack of new projects and clearly a merger of the company with S4 Capital group that happened just before I joined the company.

Nextiva - Phoenix - Arizona - Remote

Senior Product Designer

February 2021 <> May 2022

I was delighted to work full time for Nextiva, a stunning Arizona success story, a company offering modern, innovative business communication solutions.

I was sharing my experience to build a stronger design system, improving consistency, quality of the user experience for all products, worked on Automations, user settings, a Surveys tool, a new unified communication service named NextivaOne. It's a competitor of Zoom and Microsoft Teams, CRM oriented with all your conversations gathered in a simple user interface.

I helped the team to grew from 4 designers to 15 designers, got congratulations of my managers for the quality of my work. I refreshed many outdated products.

You can check my work for Automations and a Survey Builder

Wells Fargo - Phoenix - Arizona - Remote

Senior Product Designer

October 2020 <> January 2021

I was delighted to work for a very ambitious project of Wells Fargo Experience Design team (XD). It was a new design effort of the company led by Kaaren Hanson.

The goal was to raise the bar in design, to delight customers with a modern evolution of the brand, UI/UX. I worked on two major projects related to the design system with a great team. One was about data visualization and dashboards. I learned many things about banking regulations, accessibility, and Figma. It was a short contract, remote assignment from Artech staffing agency.

NOTE: Because of the policy of Wells Fargo, it's not possible for designers to showcase or even to keep the work done at the company. I can connect you with the Artech manager for feedback.

Olevator - Phoenix - Arizona - Remote

Design Consultant

January 2020 <> September 2020

During Covid-19 crisis, I was helping many startups to focus on design: Skylys Aircraft, Ecos, MacZoom, Avatar Medical

Splunk - San Jose - California - On Site

Senior UI/UX Designer

August 2019 <> October 2019

I was assigned to Splunk San Jose by Virtusa staffing agency. I designed the MVP version of a new web app managed by the Marketing team. The goal was to replace phone communications with an online tool to generate the topologies of a server.

I completed the project in time, got congratulations from multiple managers for the quality of my work and the way I handled it (I always love to get things done). I was using Sketch, Invision, ProtoPie to explain the user experience to the engineering team. I had a verbal offer from my PM to join Splunk but Covid crisis came cancelling many plans like even moving to a brand new futuristic building. Anyway, I made many friends.

You can check my work on this page

MacWeb - Palo Alto - California - On Site

Senior Product Designer

November 2018 <> August 2019

I led the design at MacWeb for almost a year. I created the branding of the company and the new website focusing on e-commerce. I worked on the consistency of the user experience for all services. The company got a record level of sales from my work. Customers are loving the simplicity, the user experience and the quality of the services.

BiguBigu - Santa Clara - California - On Site

Product Designer

February 2018 <> November 2018

I was the product designer but also the project manager for a great startup and a great team. We built together an innovative product named JackSpot. Basically, we were trying to build a competitor of NextDoor, but with a better user experience. You can learn more about JackSpot and see some parts of my work on my portfolio website.

You can check my work on this page

Moving from France to USA

Career break

April 2016 <> December 2017

After spending 15 years working for the same company, I decided to take a break and move from France to the US as a green card holder. During this time, I focused on developing my network in the heart of Silicon Valley and provided design advice to numerous startups through various gigs. My main priority was to adapt to and better understand US culture before committing to full-time work. One of the most rewarding experiences during this time was working with Niki Gastinel, a leader in the Silicon Valley known for her innovative projects

app4mac - Lyon - France

Co-Founder, UI/UX Designer

February 2001 <> March 2016

I was building Apps for Apple platforms during 15 years. Some products were top sellers at the App Store. I managed a team of designers and developers.


1985 - 1987

Baccalaureate Degree in Arts and Letters

Similar to U.S. bachelor degree

Lycée Jean Puy, Roanne, France