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About Auctane

The Auctane mission is to fuel commerce through exceptional delivery. They built intuitive shipping software for a network of merchants.

About the project

I was helping Auctane team to create an-boarding experience for ShipEngine Elements, a new technology proposed to developers.

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    Senior Product Designer

  • Project

    ShipEngine Elements

  • Duration

    6 months (contract)

Other information

One of the challenge of the project was the use of React technology and a design system created by a team in Spain.

React choice was creating a lot of compromise for the user experience because developers were also using iFrames. ShipEngine backend is also old, so I had a lot of conversations with developers for the different steps of the on-boarding.

The design system was also not fully optimized for responsive screens. I proposed updates for the best user experience and the ideas were accepted. One major frustration of the project was the goal to deliver as soon as possible, so it was challenging to do user testing or bring new ideas, but the team collaboration and the spirit was very positive.

We were able to deliver ahead of the planned goal. ShipEngine Elements is a major technical component for the global strategy of Auctane products, so I was very proud and happy to participate in this project.

You can see a mobile prototype on this page