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VIVI Media is breaking down borders with its dedication to helping trade relations between China and the Silicon Valley specifically. We are a cross-border new media company, specializing in video storytelling and branding.

We believe that content is what makes us strong. We create and produce video/tv content on innovation, profiling top startups and investors in the innovation space in Silicon Valley, and sharing the stories to millions of viewers in China, as well as worldwide. This humanizes the people behind the products that we use each day, and inspires innovators from both China and the United States.

We also provide a one-stop shop service for content marketing (including branded content videos, documentaries and TV programming), content and branding strategies, and media training.

Why we are different from the rest?
We are a team of passionate and professional global TV producers and journalists, which means we have:

first-hand contacts deeply embedded in the startup and technology communities of Silicon Valley and China first-tier media distribution channels as our partners, including Caixin Media (known as the New York Times for China), iqiyi.com (the Netflix for China), FT and Reuters first-class knowledge on what makes a great story, especially what makes audiences across cultures tick

Most importantly, we are driven by Vivi’s vision and drive for change.

Vivi Lin is passionate about getting the word out about entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley and in China. She believes that giving these organizations a platform upon which to share their vision is key to innovating both the Silicon Valley and China itself.

Our Story

All great ideas begin with a simple thought.

For Vivi Lin, founder and CEO of VIVI Media, it is how to organically connect the startup and business communities between China and Silicon Valley, the world’s headquarter of innovation, so as to create a platform for exchange of ideas, talents and capital. When she was traveling the world as TV reporter and producer for Reuters TV, she saw first-hand how the gaps in information and understanding between China and U.S. could hinder how the business communities interact with each other. She knew that this was not only holding innovators back, but was holding both China and the United States back from growing. She knew that if she could bridge the gap between the two places then she would be able to use her media marketing to give platform to the latest voices in innovation. This is where her idea was born. Vivi Lin realized that when a person can tell their stories in a way that makes it relatable to a market that has been ostrascized from them for so long, their stories would make a lasting impact. Now, with VIVI Media, potential customers, partners, employees and investors can understand how a company feels about their missions and dreams? A decision was made, and Vivi became an entrepreneur, and VIVI Media was born!

Thanks to VIVI Media’s creative talents, combined with the power of digital Video storytelling and their extensive contacts in media distribution, a difference is being made. Millions of viewers are inspired, business communities have a perfect platform to not only showcase their products but to share their stories, which facilitate them to reach international success.

Vivi Lin

CEO/TV Host/Producer

Vivi Lin

CEO/TV Host/Producer

Founder and chief producer/presenter for new media venture VIVI Media Group.

Michele Ruberl

IT architect

Michele Ruberl

IT architect

I'm providing my technologies expertise to Vivi Media Company

Patrice Calligaris

Creative Director

Patrice Calligaris

Creative Director

I'm providing my design expertise and Art Direction to Vivi Media Company

Ho Ocean


Ho Ocean


I'm providing my expertise in video to Vivi Media Company.

Andrew Streater

Story Teller / Marketer

Andrew Streater

Story Teller / Marketer

I'm providing my expertise in story telling to Vivi Media Company.

Vivi In The Valley

20 Million Chinese Viewers Can’t Be Wrong

Vivi in the Valley is one of the most popular video shows on innovation in the cross-border space between China and U.S.

Vivi in the Valley, hosted and produced by award-winning TV personality Vivi Lin, has reached over 20 million viewers with its unique storytelling in the first season, and has inspired countless startups and investors in the cross-border space.

Partnered with China’s most respected media - Caixin Media, known as China’s New York Times (), and China’s most popular video portal iqiyi.com, equivalent to Netflix for China, the show continues into its second season in 2017.
Season/episode descriptions

Season One:

Released in early 2017, the show seeks the best innovators in Silicon Valley, exploring their stories behind frontier technologies including AI, VR, hologram, Robotics, and driverless cars. From billionaire entrepreneur to virtual reality stars endorsed by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Vivi in the Valley’s first season is taking viewers on a worldwide journey to experience the possibilities of global innovation in ways never thought possible!

Episode 1: A billionaire’s entrepreneurial journey (profiled Greek billionaire Alki David) Alki David is a world-­‐class entrepreneur and billionaire with family ties to manufacturing, Coca -Cola’s global bottling business, and shipping, Alki is a proud business tycoon, but that doesn’t stop him from innovation as an entrepreneur. Alki opens up to Vivi on his vision on future and his missions in life.

Episode 2: Driverless car startup aims at challenging Google (profiled Auro Robotics team) Three young entrepreneurs from India made their way to Silicon Valley, enrolling in Y Combinator and making driverless cars for campuses. Auro Robotics’ founder Nalin Gupta talks to Vivi about his vision on driverless cars, and his team’s passion and dreams for future in automation.

Episode 3: Secrets behind the most comfortable VR games (profiled Temple Gates) A Silicon Valley-based VR startup, headed by female CEO and founder Theresa Duringer, is making the most comfortable VR games in the valley, which won them the endorsement of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Theresa opens up to Vivi on her secrets of success and the team’s plans for the future.

Episode 4: Will this robot steal your jobs? (profiled AI startup Slightech and its robot SDeno) Vivi talks to AI Robot SDeno and its maker Dr. Leo Pang, on the future of AI, the dangers and hope. He also articulates a future where automation could spell danger for the vast majority of jobs, as well as what potentially displaced people can do to help themselves.

Episode 5: A Tibetan Buddhist’s journey for mindfulness & innovation Have you ever wondered about the connection between mindfulness and innovation? Vivi talks to Jiacuo Riponche, one of the most influential spiritual leaders visiting Silicon Valley from Tibet, and explores his unique stories on the journey of mindfulness and innovation. This episode is a must-watch as mindfulness and spirituality are often overlooked in the realm of innovation as entrepreneurs can get burnt out.

Season Two:

The new season is even bolder and more exciting than the first. It’ll profile innovators in areas such as frontier technology space, driverless planes, flying cars, biotech, gene editing, to the investment space, grouping the savviest VC and angel investors in the innovation ecosystem. This season seeks to unveil the secrets on what it takes to succeed, and share behind-­‐the-­‐scene stories on the people who are changing our world. Those who have a desire to move ahead and make strides in technology, automation, and potentially influence the future in genetics, stay tuned!

Vivi in the Valley

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 5

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