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2021 <-> 2022

User Settings

I created a new user experience for user settings in NextivaOne (new product). I modernized an old version of user settings that was previously only used by administrators (different persona). I got congratulations of many managers for the quality of my work and the quality of the user experience. It was a very complex project as Nextiva products have many settings.

I completed it in time, in one quarter, but I wish I had more time as some parts were challenging. My manager accepted my improvement ideas once I completed the project. I also built this project to be fully responsive for the mobile application using auto-layout and breakpoints.

Download a short video of the navigation

Figma high fidelity prototype

Surveys Builder

I designed a new user experience for Surveys Builder in NextivaOne (new product). My director of design and stakeholders said it was like day and night from the actual version with many improvements and a very good user experience. I was in a friendly competition with another designer. He made a more modern design and won the challenge but the design team had a hard time to choose between both designs. :-)

Figma high fidelity prototype


I built an MVP version of automations for sales and services. I worked with engineers to understand the backend, and we also validated the user experience with service. Basically, we had two sections: the templates with a full content editor and the dashboard to monitor active automations.

I also provided a vision for use of automations across all services of the company. Thanks to the quality of the MVP version validated by some users, the company decided to build an improved version of automations for NextivaOne, a new flagship app of the company, CRM oriented.

User Flow

Figma high fidelity prototype

Download a short video of the MVP version

PDF of the long term vision

Design System

I was helping the team (15 designers) to build a design system. The team grew from 4 designers at the beginning of 2021 to 15 designers in 2022. I shared my experience from Splunk and Wells Fargo. I also helped the developer team to build a component's library named NextUI matching the specs of the design system with Chromatic.

Figma preview 1

Figma preview 2